Are you working for an agent or book publisher?

Are you working for a comic book publisher?

Are you curious about my writing?

Are you an agent or publisher searching for your next author?

I have three unpublished novels written as of today. If any of these novels catch your interest, and you wish to take a closer look at them, feel free to contact me.

Demons in Cotton is a Dark Fantasy/Horror novel written in english. with grim twists around every corner. Demons in Cotton touches upon subjects such as domestic abuse, bullying and a grim mythology from the view of a seven-year-old girl and the warrior living inside her teddy bear.

The Returner and The Extremist are two thriller/action novels written in Swedish (swe: Hemvändaren & Extremisten). They are both part of a trilogy where the final chapter is in planning phase. The series follows a family as they end up in the center of an act filled with hate and pain. If there is interest sample chapters could be rewritten into english.

Are you searching for the next writer for your comic book property?

As of now I have four sample comic book scripts for a super hero comic called The Frontline and a 4-pager comic script for space/extra-dimensional character called Jim Hugger.

The Frontline is about a super hero team inspired by teams such as Avengers and Justice League. To download a sample script click the button below.

Jim Hugger is a story about an Extra-dimensional Guardian of Order (E.G.O. for short) on a quest to find a very important artifact.

Check out the comic here and download the script by clicking the button below.

Are you working for Marvel Comics? (Yeah I know, this is a long shot, but you have to try)
I have a pitch for a 6 issue mini-series. The series explores a less explored character in the Spider-man mythos that has a tendency to show up every now and then. We get to find out what makes him tick.
It will be brutal!
Contact me!

Are you interested in what my imagination and a computer can create?

Feel free to visit my blog. I publish short stories (under 500 words) weekly and publish some of my ideas when they come to me.