A Welcome and a challenge

Welcome to my blog where I collect writing focused projects and challenges.

As of today, I write novels and stories as a hobby squeezed in between work and family life. So far I’ve written three novels (2 in Swedish and one in English) none of which has been published (I keep trying though).

To begin my world in the blogosphere I decided to challenge myself (you only grow outside your comfort zone as all productivity experts say and so far, I have not found it to be false). This challenge is designed to force myself into a habit of publishing once every week and thereby also stepping outside of my comfort zone a bit.

Rules for my 500 words challenge:

  • Each entry must be less than 500 words (mostly to be make sure I write something and still have time for other projects).
  • They can be about any theme or play in any genre.
  • I must post a story every week until December 31 (to begin with, if I find the process intriguing I might continue afterwards)

For all reading, I hope you find reading this blog as interesting as I find writing it. Here is 500 words challenge entry #1.

A kitten and a stroller:

A kitten plays in a stroller. He runs from pillow to blanket. He scratches a toy.

A kitten jumps down to the floor. He claws the wheel. He bites it too.

A kitten attacks a foot. He tastes every toe. He gnaws on a heel.

A kitten jumps in the water. He splashes it around. He licks the tears of the ground.

A kitten looks at the stroller. Why is it empty? They said you’d be here by now.

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