500 Words – Entry 2: Prisoner

It is once again time for my take on the 500 words. This week’s story is called “Prisoner”. This story is more in your face than last week’s story “A kitten and a stroller”

A door, a wall, a bucket.
A sound, a voice, a fist.
Blood drip down my lip. Metal goes down my throat.
“Please let me free.” I plead. “Please, let me go.”
They laugh. I cry. They kick. I fall.
“Drink!” They scream.
My face goes down. I scream bubbles. My face goes up.
Down I go. Bitterness fills my mouth. I swallow. A sipper goes up above me and they refill bucket. They laugh. They lift me up.
“Are you still thirsty?”
“Please.” I beg.
“Then drink!”
Down I go. They hold me down until all is gone.
“You stink.” They spit in my face and throw me on the floor.
They laugh. They leave.
I cry. I stay.
I am all alone.
Please let me free.

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