500 words-Entry 3: What men fear

The third entry in my 500 words challenge. What men fear, Feedback is always welcome!

”Shit.” He said. A single word repeated, again and again, louder and louder.
“Stop screaming and let someone else use the bathroom! You’ve been in there for hours.”
“I’m sorry.” He supports himself against the sink. “I can’t”
He dares to face his own reflection. His lips shake in disbelief.
“Open the door or I’ll punch it in so hard we’ll find teeth in my knuckles.”
Breath, he thinks. You can do this. He hesitates by the door handle.
She rushes in, slams her ass on the toilet and releases the waterfall held back for too long.
“Oh fuck.” She sighs in relief and collapses on the seat.
“So what’s bothering you?” She asks between her strained breathes.
“Honey… I” Tears well up un his eyes. “I’m going bald.”
“Oh.” Her face goes blank. “I’m so sorry.”
He fall into her arms. He cries. He scratches his head. Tufts let go with his nails.

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