500 words-Entry 4: The curse of Sorcery

My fourth entry in the 500 words challenge. A little bit more in the fantasy spectrum this time.
As always: Feedback is welcome and enjoy the read.

”Choosing sorcery is a curse no man should endure.” The old man stares at me with eyes of the darkest coal. My bones curl themselves in their flames. “You surrender your soul. You surrender what’s dearest to your heart.”
The man turns silent to let me consider my options. The flames sound in the eternal tunnels.
“Do you accept a life in nightmares?”
Hope in me tells me to reject the offer. It begs me to chose a better life. The tortured orphan in me knows better. It saw darkness every day. There is no happiness in this world.
“I do.”
The old man smiles. “Good.”
Vines pierce my ears. My body goes stiff. My mind screams in pain, just to go silent.
“A soul would have given you so much. Love. Happiness. Everything you never knew you wanted.”
Before my eyes a smiling face flashes by. A caring touch warms my skin in a way I never known before . A laugh ignites a spark I never seen before. Our child makes me shiver from flooding joy.
“No.” I cry out in regret. “I want it. I want happiness.”
“You accepted our deal. Your fate is sealed.” He laughs. “Your soul is mine. Our darkness is yours.”
My world goes dark. Light leaves my body in screams of anguish. The next I see is the old man’s charring smile.
“Now go kill your love. Set all your possibilities of happiness on fire with your mere touch.”
“With pleasure.” I say. I smile. I laugh. In the depths of the fire my soul cries. Abandoned forever in a world doomed to grow dark.

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