500 Words – Entry 6: A cubic sunset

My fifth entry in the 500 words challenge. I went for weird and crazy this time. And… yeah… it turned crazy all right. And weird. It twisted a little bit into horror too.

A warning: The theme might not be for everyone.


You know what the best sunset is? A cubic one!
My grand father used to laugh at his joke for hours .
I never understood it. I still don’t. A cubic sunset makes no sense.
A pyramidical sunset is way more beautiful. Like, just look at it.
How it rotates.
The edges.
Ah. Now we’re talking.
A pyramidical sunset, that’s something worthy of a wank.
A long wonderful, fulfilling wank.
And then you sip some wine in its shine.
Can you do that to a cubic sunset?
It’s impossible.
A cubic sunset is not even attractive.
I heard some like spherical sunsets. Have you tried to wank to a spherical sunset.
Those curves…
That shine…
Those people are psychopaths, I tell you. I hated myself so much for trying, I had to direct all the self hate somewhere.
You got that right! That’s why I did it. I wanked to a spherical sunset and in anger of my own misstep I wrecked the place. I even tried to throw something at the sunset.
A hammer, I think it was. On that, even that I gotta admit I acted irrationally. You can’t hurt a sunset. But the things we do in anger…
Yeah, it hit someone, but I can’t be blamed for people randomly staring at me.
Probably a rhombical sunset wanker, if you catch my drift.
At least he smelt like one.
He tasted like one too.
The cop tasted better. I tell you that much. That was a man of class. It was a cop who wanks to pyramidical sunsets, I tell you that. Just ask him.
Ask him, I tell you! He will confess.
Oh come on, just ask him.
Why are you leaving?
Another bunch of rhombical sunset wankers.

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