500 Words – Entry 8: Cupid

Welcome to my eigth entry in my 500 words challenge, Cupid


He shoots, again, and again, and again
He hits, every time. He has always done.
He is the best at his cause. He has always been.
Another arrow
Another hit
Another broken heart
History always repeats the same patterns
Boy meets girl
Boy falls in love
An arrow hits
Girl falls in love
Boy gets bored
Another wasted arrow
Another wasted love
Boy falls in love
Cupid tears another arrow out of his soul
He is tired, he has been for a long time
He shoots, he hits
She falls, Cupid does too
A heart gets broken
Cupid crawls up on crocked knees, he flies on torn wings
He searches, he finds it
the last arrow leaves his bow
He never sees it hit, it never did
He falls
Boy gets rejected, that has never happened before
Cupid’s breaths turn cold
They turn slow
The body of a Cupid crumbles in the clouds

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