500 Words – Entry 9: Neurons

Time for one more story 500 words or less.
Entry 9: Neurons. This story is about a battle between the brain and the thoughts bombarding it every day.

Remember folks, always take care of yourself. Don’t let some bad turns decide your whole life. Take control over who you are and what you want to be.

Now to the story.


Tired. I am so, so tired.
No, no, no
A wave.
Please don’t

Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s all my fault.

Too much.
Let me rest.

I am useless after all.

Don’t cry.
We are good. We have always been good
Lay down.

The phone.

Rest in the silence. Rest in the calm

Maybe it’s him.

Hope. Don’t let it destroy you

Maybe it’s someone

We don’t need to know.
Please just let it be.
Please save us.

No one wants me anyway. No one likes me.


I am worthless after all

Rest. Just rest.

No one will even notice if I disappear.

Don’t hate. Please don’t hate.

No one will miss me…

Believe in yourself.

No one would even care.



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