Thoughts of a Delusional Dude (ToDD): Ep1 – Kicks and butts

I am starting something new here on my blog. Thoughts of a delusional dude (ToDD for short, the ‘a’ is silent). It is just me writing what I think in that moment about writing, personal productivity, parenthood, and all in between. ToDD won’t follow any specific schedule some weeks it will be out some it won’t.

For me imagination has always been a part of who I am. Given time alone, I just tend to wander into my own worlds and build stories. A part of my bedtime routine growing up was to imagine a world where I was a hero (I even brought weapons/sticks to those imagined heroic adventures, without my parents knowing off course). So that being said, somewhere I always knew that part of my future would involve storytelling. My brain just seemed wired for it.

This part of myself was for the longest time suppressed due to factors I believe most of us live through while growing up. We want to fit in. We want to do what is the “right” thing to do. Etc. So I finished school and applied to university. My skills in more practical niches are lets say limited (I like cooking though. Most people tend to tell me that cooking is best served as a hobby). I finished university and got a good job. The perfect story.

The thing is… When you are one of these individuals with brain bursting ideas at any sign of boredom you have two alternatives.

  1. What I tried in the beginning of my life. Suppress all the ideas and go crazy. You will fit in perfectly in society though.
  2. Let those ideas come to life.

The kick in the butt I needed was to see someone succeed before I realized what had to be done. One day my mother called me and said;

“You know that close relative of mine, you know her right? (We now all our relatives where I come from) Apparently she writes novels, and you know what? She is getting published.”

That short phone call awoke some cogs in a dormant part of my brain and a faint thought surfaced.

If she can, then maybe I can too.

That was the starting point to my so far 5+ years of writing and I have to tell you… It feels great to get those ideas on paper. It is actually kind of addictive. And now a life without writing feels wrong (not empty. I got kids, life is never empty with kids).

What was you kick in the butt?

Until next time, be safe and keep the distance.

Your delusional dude

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