500 Words – Entry 10: Decades

It is already ten entries in my self made challenge, To be honest I was unsure if I would make it this far but here we are.

To celebrate I made a story weaving ten sentences and ten decades of life into one story. A challenge to celebrate a milestone in my 500 words challenge.


To a world you were born and in its flow you grew strong.
You journeyed through undiscovered mazes blossoming under your every step.
You learned the secrets and the endlessness in your comforting world shrunk.
All the endings and all the stories left untold left turned real behind every corner.
And mortality of life and the fragility of its shell burdened your thoughts.
Yet you found a new surge in the repeating nature of life’s endless cycle.
You found appreciation for the gifts given and the lessons taught.
The constant stream grew less gruesome and a legacy in the waters calmed the storm.
And even in loneliness your spirit remained strong.
You journey became your pride and your story carried on in generations to come.

© David Johansson 2020

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