Crash Bandicoot: Dimensions Adrift – Intro (fanfiction)

Hi all,
I am having some fun while waiting for Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about time. I am really excited about this game as the Crash games has been a constant for me while growing up. So I decided to write an intro for a Crash Bandicoot story for fun. So far the story is limited to the intro and nothing else is written. I have not yet decided whether I will continue with it or not.


The writer of this fanfiction does not own the rights to any of the characters involved in this story. The rights to Crash Bandicoot and characters in the Crash Bandicoot franchise belongs to Activision Publishing Inc.

Crash Bandicoot: Dimensions Adrift
Titel: Another day at the beach
Writer: David Johansson

The sun. The water. A magical mask fixing all the chores.
The sleep. Aah, the beach. You only wake up to eat some wumpa fruits and then back to sleeping. This is the best life ever. Am I right bud?
Polar yawned beside Crash.
Crash yawned too.
You said it. Nap time.
“Crash.” A voice rasped through the megaphone on one of the palm trees by the beach.
Crash opened his eye and glanced at the megaphone he never seen before.
“Crash.” Coco said again.
Pretend to sleep and it will all soon go away. Crash snored louder just to be sure.
“CRASH!” The soft voice screamed with a surprising weight to it.
“huh.” Crash opened his eyes just to see a camera pointed at him from a robotic arm that somehow had been hidden in the sand below him all this time.
“Whoa!” Crash screamed and jumped up. What is that? How did it get there?
“Great you are awake.” Coco continued. “We need you at the Bandicoot house now. Something weird is happening.”
“Hrm?” Weird?
“Yeah, get over here immediately?” The camera disappeared into the sand.
Polar looked up at Crash with confusion painted on his face.
Yeah, I know bud. Crash shrugged. Better get going before that arm comes chasing us back home. Or worse, what if Coco comes for us herself.
“Voff.” Polar turned over and waged his tail.
Yeah, you are right. She will send the arm thing for us. Crash smashed a crate and picked up the wumpa inside. You want one for the road? Crash handed it to the polar bear.
I wonder when these crates will stop drifting ashore, Crash thought and opened another one. It must have been one big ship who dropped them. Well, as long as I can eat them instead of all other fruits in the trees, I’m happy.
Come on Polar lets go!

Coco sat on the grass with a computer on her lap when Crash came home. As she always does. Aku Aku levitated beside her.
“Crash!” Aku Aku proclaimed. “The world is in danger.”
“Hurn.” Crash scratched his head. Again. Shouldn’t Dr. Cortex and Uka Uka give up soon.
“Doctor Cortex has traveled through the multiverse and has set another one of my evil brother’s diabolical schemes into practice.”
“Wait.” Coco typed on keyboard so quickly it should catch fire. “I am reestablishing connection.”
“Huh?” Connection to what? Crash looked at Polar. Polar looked back. He did not understand it either.
“And done! We should be getting them back about…” Coco typed some more. “now.”
“Whoa!” Crash dodged a giant orb that appeared right beside him out of nowhere. Or well there was a giant machine on the ground beside him, but by living in the same house as Coco you get accustomed to certain things like machines everywhere. The color of the giant orb shifted.
“It is searching.” Coco said and typed some more.
“Coco.” A voice said somewhere in the colors shining out of the orb. “I think I am getting you back.”
“You are. Just a little tweaking and we are there.” Coco’s typing slowed down. “I am triangulating your position in the multiverse.”
The shifting colors in the orb went from blue to dark. And then in the darkness a white coat became visible. And wearing the white coat was…
“Crash! We see you again.” Coco said and raised a fist in celebration. “We have a stable connection.”
“Huh?” Crash and polar exchanged another confused look.
The Crash inside the orb corrected his glasses.
“I never thought I would say this…” Aku Aku said. “But look Crash, it is a smart you.”
“Hrm.” Crash scratched his chin and smiled. He is handsome too.
 “Finally!” The smart Crash smiled. He sounded polite and well mannered. “I will make this quick in case Cortex succeeds in cutting our connection again.” The smart Crash looked to the side where Crash studied him with interest. “Oh, hello there. You must be this worlds Crash. What a good looking fellow you are.”
“Huh!” Crash stretched his hand forward to answer the incoming high five. You too, he thought.
“Crash. Focus.” Said Coco immediately getting both to stop both Crashes the high five. “We need to know. What is so important you reached out through the multiverse to get in touch with us.”
“Oh right. That thing.” Smart Crash corrected his white coat. “We need your help! Your Doctor Cortex travels the multiverse and imprisons every world he can. He is evil beyond out wildest imagination. Cortex’s goons have destroyed my home and it is not long before they find me. I repeat we need your help to fight of Doctor Cortex’s threat. We must sto…” Smart Crash looks up. “Oh no. They found me. Please save us. We need you to stop this menace. Now!”
The roof fell in under a loud crash. The orb collapsed in an instant. A roar echoed through the jungle.
Crash shivered. Tiny. That never ends well.
“Crash! Crash!” Coco shouted while typing.
 “it’s no use child.” Aku Aku said. “They are gone now. Can you create a portal to Smart Crash’s home world.”
“I am already on it Aku.” Coco sighed. “I just have to redirect the hydron collider’s power outlet to…” She turned silent as her concentration swallowed her whole.  
“Crash. While Coco sets up a portal. I need you to get ready. We don’t know what dangers other dimensions hides. There could be a dimension full of Uka Uka’s. We must be prepared for every…”
“And done!” Coco presses enter and does a little dance by the keyboard. A portal immediately appears. Polar grabs a palm tree as the portal drags everything to it.
“Well that went faster than I thought it would.” Aku Aku said with his wooden brow raised. “I wonder how she does that.”
Yeah me too. Crash scratched his head. She is just too weird.
“Come on!” screamed Coco. “I don’t know how much longer it will hold.” She jumped in headfirst with the computer hugged tightly to her chest. Pura joins her a second later and does a backflip in the whirling stream.
“Well here we go…” Uka Uka glides into the globe. “See you on the other side Crash.”
Crash scratches his head. He looks at Polar.
“Hurm.” Polar whimps.
Yeah, I know bud, the beach sure looks tempting. Crash walks up to Polar. You know, I think they could make it alone.
You’re right Polar. They need us. On three? Polar nods.
Polar release the palm tree from his grip and they both glide into the swirling globe of the unknown.
Yeah, I hope we get to see the beach again too.



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