500 Words – Entry 11: Dear Mr. Diamond

A little story I have had brewing for a while. A letter from poverty to power.


Dear Mr. Diamond,
I know, I know, this is old fashioned.
I mean, I’m sending a letter to the tech giant Sean Diamond, CEO of the technical wonder SurgeRay.

A better life. A longer Life. All possible with SurgeRay.

The words are written everywhere.
You if someone should rely solely on mail and virtual channels for your communication. Everyone else do in your world, don’t they?
Anyway I send this desperate letter hoping it will contrast from your other channels flooded by the world’s praise.
And besides, we don’t have computers. Not anymore. They took them away when we asked the wrong questions.
About the same time as they burned our books.
All in the name of our safety.
I am the last generation who learned how to read. The developed world does not build schools here anymore. None of that money goes to us.
As one of the last men aware of the unfairness in our home, I beg you for one thing Mr. Diamond. I beg you for one thing that would begin the end of our suffering.
Find another source for your minerals. We don’t need you to dig it up for us. We don’t need your help to build a better life. We don’t need you funding our oppressors. We don’t need more guns, nor we need more slavery.
We need our sons and daughters back.
Last time I saw my son he pointed a gun at me. He knew nothing of who I was.
Last time I saw my daughter she walked the streets were your workers take a drink and find amusement. A mere child already carrying a child herself.
So I beg you again, find your minerals somewhere else.
Tell your friends to do the same.
Help us to a better life.
Help us to a longer life.
Be what SurgeRay promises.

Best Regards
A father and a teacher

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