500 Words – Entry 12: Hunters

Well, well an other wednesday which means another entry in my 500 Words story challenge. This time the story is called Hunters. Can you predict how this is going to end? No peaking.


They were three. Never more, never less. One down meant one to join. One to join meant one to die. A rough life for rough people.

“We will attack at sunset on the open field.” Master Craven said and scratched the scar on his chin. “They will never expect that.”

“Aye” Master Viper agreed. “From below the sand.”

“A challenge worthy of our might my fellow brothers. What do we need to accomplish such a task?” Asked Master Glen, always the one to ask what’s important.

“A straw each.” Master Craven picked up straws from his pocket. “Maybe more to not suffocate. And our weapons need to be easily hidden along with us.”

The others nodded.

“That won’t be a problem.” Master Viper said and took a sharp slim sword out of his belt. “These goblins won’t know what hit them.”

“We have to be careful though.” Master Craven added. “There will be many. And they will bring trolls.”

“Aye.” Master Glen sighed. ”Trolls. This is a dangerous mission we have in front of us.”

Master Craven put his hand on Glen’s shoulder. “That’s why we are payed in fortunes. Remember the words.”

All three men punched their chest. “We are hunters. We build the future.”

“Good.” Master Craven looked at the two men in front of him with radiant pride. “Lets go.”

The three men journeyed to the field and among the iron bars and the sand they hid until the morning light. The tension was thick, this was their biggest mission yet. This could also be their last.

The first goblin shrieked as it entered the battlefield. Unknowing of the dangers below, it picked up a shovel. It dug happily, as all goblins do. The guarding troll moaned. They always moaned.

“Not yet.” Master Craven whispered.

Another goblin entered the field with its troll. A troll entered the with two goblins. Soon the field crowded with monsters. All goblins shrieked. All trolls moaned.

A goblin stepped into the sand. It laughed, it found a car.

“Now!” Master Craven bursted up from the sand and cut the goblin in two. “Come on you filthy animals!”

“Eat this you slobby cretins.” Glen laughed. His rifle took down troll after troll after troll.

“Not so jolly now, are ya?” Viper chased a goblin up a ladder. The goblin cried. Viper laughed.

It was a successful mission. The three was a pride to their kind and their story would be told all over the world as cameras captured the mayhem on a playground quickly drowning in blood.

“We are hunters.” The three screamed. “We build the future.”

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