500 Words – Entry 13: Shepherd

497 words this time. I know, I know I’m living on the edge. A man this dangerous should not be let to have a blog. Yet here I am typing. And you know what, I will never stop!

In this weeks entry we get to meet a shepherd. What is she shepherding? Why is she shepherding it? Well, read and find out. And maybe speculate a little bit.


“It is a dirty job, but someone got to do it. And who’s more capable for a dirty job than me.”
The girl tilted her hat and looked over the fence to the vastness that had become her home. No one answered her. No one had since… forever.
Loneliness was the sole constant in her life. Today a static angst flooded the air was her company though.
At the edge of the vast field she saw a dark shadow wandering the path it had been wandering the last two days.
She spat on the ground, right beside her leather boots and jumped down from the fence.
Someday it will come closer, she thought. And then I have to be ready. Again. I am the shepherd of this one-monster flock and I’ll be damned if they ever get past my fence.
“You hear that!” She screamed. “You will never get past me! Never ever!”
The shadow raised its head. It looked in her direction. The fire burning inside the hollows reflected the darkness only a desperate soul could harbor. This darkness could kill. It would if given the opportunity.
Her hands touched the guns on her belt, just to be sure. They were there. Just as they always were. Their bullets would not kill the darkness though. No matter how many bullets fired, all they did was hurt. But even hurt scares away the fiercest monster if it is fired in plenty.
The shadow in the horizon had taken its fair share of bullets. It wanted out into the free world. It wanted the blood on the other side of a consciousness.
The two, the girl and the monster, stared each other down. One with fire burning in it eyes one with bullets ready at her hips. The monster turned. It shrieked.
And all the skies turned dark. Only the fire in its eyes shed light on the harsh world.
Its laugh echoed on the field. The fire got closer.
“You feel brave you silly fool!” The girl said. Yet she knew she was the fool for taunting the monster in the first place.
She always did. Somehow, she could never resist the temptation when the sensations in the air became too heavy.
Days like this she wanted the world to burn. She wanted the darkness to break free. She wanted it to taste blood.
Yet she was a shepherd put into this world to protect the outside from the insanity roaming the inside.
She had not lost yet. No matter how many times she taunted the darkness she always fought it back in the end.
With bullets of hurt.
The eyes burned by the fence. The shepherd and the monster stood eye to eye.
She put her finger on the triggers.
“Come get it.” She whispered.
The darkness laughed, a shrieking soul wrenching laugh.
Then it attacked.
The guns fired relentlessly into the darkness. They fired hurt in all its colors. They fired until only darkness remained.

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