500 Words – Entry 14: A New Friend.

A new wednesday, and a new short in my 500 words story challenge. This time someone is meeting a new friend. And he is just so happy for it.


There they are again. I found you!
I am happy to see you too. Look what I found! Isn’t it wonderful? A new thing. What did you call it? A squid. I love squids. The long arms scratch so good against the itching in my mouth. Can we get another one? Oh you know what? Dad! Look what I learned? Butt in the air. And stretch. Aaand. Tada. I can touch you now!
Got your nose!
And this thing! It tastes so sweet. And it SHINES!
Just look at it!
What did you say?
A new friend? Where?
Please dad. Show him to me. Where is he?
He is just perfect. A long tail. I’m going to catch it. Wait. Okay. Butt in the air. Stretch. Butt in air. Stretch. I got you know. Wait where are you? Are you biting my toes?
Now I got you.
Wow, you jump so high. Dad. I love this friend. Can you catch him for me?
He is so soft.
What did you call him?
A kitten. How wonderful!
Can he follow me on the stroller?
Can we bring the sweet thing too? Can we make it shine again.
This is the best day ever.

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