500 Words – Entry 15: Witches

Well it is time for entry 15 in my tell a story in less than 500 words challenge. Just so you know ‘state-of-the-art’ is one word at least according to Microsoft Office.

While writing this story I couldn’t shake this nagging feeling. This feels familiar. My brain hammered me with the mantra throughout the process of writing this story. But I ignored it and continued writing. It’s just a story anyway. It having some familiar elements with one of my other stories won’t be such a big thing. Or was it two stories. Or…….

Anyway. Below you can read ‘Witches’



”These are our top tier products, sir.” The well-dressed man knocks on the glass wall. “There is no better on the market, and it won’t ever be.”

Two men scanned the tank from the floor up, and then down again. The naked woman inside remained asleep.

“How do we know it’s safe.” One of them asks. He tilts his glasses as he leaned closer. His luxurious watch rattles.

“Our state-of-the-art quality control ensures no damaged goods ever leaves our production, sir.”

The man steps back seemingly satisfied with the answer. “I would like to take a look at this quality control.” He says drily.

“Off course!” The salesman smiles one of his most radiant smiles. “Right this way. As you understand our quality control needs to be of the highest possible standard, we are working with humans after all, and psychopharmaceuticals.”

“How do you select these specimens?” The second man asks. His short blond hair glimmers in the lamp light.

“We pick them with care.” The salesman pushes a series of buttons by a door. “We are in contact with a series of orphanages specialized in loyalty and extraordinary physiology.”

The door opens and the laboratory and all the hospital beds lining inside are on display for the three men.

“As you see we have competent personnel monitoring the products throughout their stay with us.” They walk past a series of screens. “We monitor biomarkers in their blood stream known to cause instability and brainwaves are scanned to catch any irregularity.”

A woman bursts out from her bed in the middle of the room. “I am gonna kill my Love!” She screams. The doctor next to her loses his throat to her hungry teeth. “The darkness is mine…” She looks around hungrily and locks on the blond man looking at her. “You are not standing in my way for a life in nightmares.” She laughs and chargs out of her bed.

“I am sorry you have to see this…” The salesman says and puts himself in between the customers and the faulty product. He picks a gun out of his coat and shots.

“You can’t escape meeee” her scream interrupts in blood as the bullet blows her head clean off.

“Soooo,” the salesman turns around with a smile. “How about we continue the tour? If you choose us to deliver your soldiers, they won’t suffer from the anomalies this one did. I can assure you that much. All abnormalities are stopped in this lab.”

The two men starred at the blood bath now being cleaned of the floor by two assistants.

500 Words – Entry 8: Cupid“Our worst subject thus far was the one who called himself Cupid. He locked down the whole lab for a week and made a bow of our personnel. That was a bloodbath. The guards took him down after some serious casualties. Why can’t you find love, he screamed. Doesn’t that sound funny to you.”

The two men look at each other. They nod. Both smile.

“We’ll take hundred.”

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