500 Words – Entry 17: A new future

Continuing on the theme on the last entry. The theme has become some what more important to me as time passes by.

Hope you enjoy this entry!

A new future

They are asleep now, he thinks. My futures. He walks the room back and fourth. The tiniest of compartments for the largest of life.
The magnitude of it still felt beyond what he ever could comprehend.
The baby sighed in a sleep that could be over at any given second.
The first time father sat down next to them. He did not feel like a father yet.
Will I ever? He thought as he caressed the soft cheek.
How can you even exist?
How can I ever be what you need? I am not even what I need myself to be.
The baby’s hand found his finger and tightened around it. The baby sighed again.
The screen above the bed lit up with the latest results.
They are healthy, he thought as his eyes scanned the numbers.

‘A better life. A longer Life. All possible with SurgeRay.’

Below the encouraging slogan a line of products lined up. The top seller flashed green against the white background.
He bought two.
He looked down at the futures once again.
I will be what you need. At least I must try.

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