ToDD Ep. 2 – Battles & Risks

You know what? My entry for Fictional Fisticuffs competition got accepted for their November edition!

Yes that is right! I am part of writing competition. A battle for the reader’s votes.

Are you curious about the competition and all the eight entries? Head over to Purple Wall stories website , read and vote for your favorite entry.

Not long ago, being part of a competition like this would have been considered as BIG risk for me. It is funny actually how we change over time and by exposing ourself to what we find uncomfortable. Thanks to WordPress and their blog plattform (and all the amazing people reading my stories), I have change my view on discomfort. Before this summer very few knew about my writing and I was scared of what people would think. You know what? I don’t want to go back.

I am so happy I choose to face that fear. And I will continue to face my discomfort. Apparently, there is happiness on the other side.

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