500 Words – Entry 19: Mort and Bilk

I am in a mood. I am sorry for that. But well this story made me giggle and it released some steam,
Let me introduce two winged creatures. Mort and Bilk. These two always has something important to say.


Hey Bilk, have you heard the latest news? A grey old man stretched his wings far and wide showcasing his magnificence. He yawned. Apparently, they blame it all on these humans now again.
A second old man with his dark hair still showing no sign of giving up scanned the two wings. He puffed his pipe with a groan.
Please stop that Mort, he said, if you have to strech them. At least wash them every now and then. The bird shit must have grown into them by now.
Little grumpy today, are we? Mort sat down beside his friend. You know they shut down my water last week. He chugged remaining brown liqour from a bottle. I am lucky to still have somewhere to live.
They shut down all water last week, you idiot. At least you can have decency to go down to the water like the rest of us.
Wash myself in a pond, like our ancestors? Mort threw his bottle to the ground. No! If I go down, I will go down like the father who fell in love. Not like his miserable love interest.
You know that’s a myth right, Bilk looked up from the clouds bolming out of his mouth.
Mort shrugged. Who cares? We are human, we have wings. And you know what? From what I have seen from those idiots, one of them banging a pidgeon doesn’t feel so farfetched.
Bilk sighed and shook his head. Yeah, you are probably right about that one. So how have the bastards wronged us this time?
Wronged us? Mort asked as he removed something from one of his feathers. Oh, yeah that. Apparently, the big guy sent down a new plague to unite the man across his wonderful world. You know to bring in prayers, which brings in the big bucks, which saves the world. Standard stuff.
That sounds like the big guy’s reasoning. Once again Bilk filled his lungs with smoke.
Yeah exactly, and you know what the humans did?
Let me guess, smoke was release in a cloud big enough to swallow Bilk’s head. Something stupid.
Better up, they don’t care. Life as usual. Some even call it a concpiracy. Hah! Some even say the lord all mighty have a plan that will spare them.
Bilk looked up from his pipe, then he laughed a harsh rasping laugh. Oh, God I needed that. They haven’t been paying attention, have they?
Nope, not even the slightest. Mort leaned back on the bench. He caught something on his wing and wiped it away with his sleeve. So, what do you say? Should we head to the pub?
How come it took you so long to ask a so important question. Bilk grabbed his friend’s shoulder. Come on! Lets get pissed.

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