500 Words – Entry 20: The first time

Entry 20! So close to my goal now. And I am really getting into the routine of writing contuously. Entry 20 goes into the horror spectrum, but just a little.


Somehow the first time is the hardest.
Like the first time you ride a bike, the first time you make love, the first time you shoot, the first time you kill…
Well, Ken still convinced himself about the last two.
Shooting a person to kill was very hard the first time.
The second time… Yeah, the trigger was still heavy.
Why did the world have to end during my life time? Ken thought and pressed his hand harder around the gun. 
The girl laughed. “is Mr. Man-of-the-house not up for the task?”
Why was she so young?
“Missing you little girl, aren’t we?” The fierce fire in her eye erupted in flames. “You think I can be like her?” The girl pushed herself up on her elbows. “You know what I did your baby girl?”
“STAY DOWN!” Ken screamed.
The girl froze, then she smiled. “I tied her up real good. She cried. I think she called for you” Her voice went into the high pitch of a little girl. “Daddy, where are you?” She stared at Ken and pushed herself up on her hands. “Her tongue tasted amazing. I just had to take on more bite.” She shivered. “Blood and tears really are the best seasoning.”
She laughed a shrieking laugh. “I bet her father tastes even better.”
Suddenly she was in the air. Her hands stretched towards him in human claws. The crazy depth in her eyes came closer.
Ken shot. Again. And again. He shot until only blood remained of the girl who once visited his house ever so often. That was the second friend to his daughter he killed today. It would not be the last.
A new laughter bounced against the walls.
Ken reloaded.
The first two times are the hardest, he thought to himself. They have to be.

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