500 Words – Entry 22: Bedtime

It is finally wednesday! 500 words one short story for you to read! This time I went for cosy and cute with the story bedtime. A little talk between father and son.


”No!” The boy hid his charcoal hair under his pillow. “They told me a bogeyman will come after me when I go to bed!”
“They did?” His father sighed from the bed side. “The bogeyman is only a fairytale. Nothing about him is real.”
“It sure is!” The tiny fists tightened around the pillow and the boy pressed it harder against the back of his head. “That is why I have nightmares. The bogeyman comes for me at night and eats my brain!”
A smile played on the father’s lips. “He eats your brain, huh? Like it was a bowl and he has a fancy spoon?”
The boy let go of the pillow and gave his father a sharp look. “No…” The boy said. “Off course not. He uses magic.”
“Did they tell you how he uses his magic?” The father laid down beside his son prepared for a long night.
“No… “ the child looked down into the pillow which still carried his face. “But I bet it some dark kind.”
“I would think so too.” The dad caressed his sons cheek. “But where there is darkness there is light. All you have to do is use the light inside you and the bogeyman can never get near you.“
“But how do I do that?” The little Child wept.
His dad picked a plush lion from the wall at the foot end. “It is easy!” He said. “You pick a warrior and you imagine a shining armor for it. You imagine the chest plate and the helm, and the shield it wields against all things dark. Then you imagine its sword, the mighty dragon slayer of old with a blade still sharp enough to cut through the thickest tree as if it was no more than a leaf.”
The child’s forehead wrinkled as he scanned the lion from foot to mane. Before his eyes the lion turned into the mighty Leonard slaughter of demons.
“It glows!” The child cheered in relief.
“It sure does. Now all you have to do is tuck it close to your heart and listen at its protective roar. No Nightmares or bogeymen dares to come close to such a fierce warrior.”
With a final soft kiss on his forehead the little boy crept down under the blanket and fell asleep with a smile.
“Good night.” His father sighed. “Sleep tight.”
The father took the lion from his son’s loving hug. “And you Leonard the mighty… “ He smiled. “I bet you taste delicious.” He unhinged his jaw and swallowed the plush whole. He giggled. He whistled.
“Little child sleep so tight.” He sang. “Let your light become mine. Let me have all your dreams. Let your hope be my delight.”
He exits the house and wanders down The dark Street. He laughs.

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