500 Words – Entry 23: Tick Tock

Surprise! I had a little december-feeling. So we are getting an extra entry.
Entry 23: Tick Tock

Tick tock.
The arms wander its loud predetermined route. A man cries on a chair. He has done so since he woke up.
“Lets do this one more time, Nick.” A man beside him murmurs. In his hands a wet cloth hangs. “Tell me where the stones are.”
Drip drop.
“I don’t know.” Nick says. “Please, I don’t know.”
The man sighs. “Why are you lying to me Nick?”
“I am not ly…” Nick’s word disappears as a hand suddenly cuts of his air flow.
“This game was fun at the start Nick, but this ends NOW!”
A sharp pain strikes Nick’s leg. Nick screams just to have his head pulled back by the hair.
“Sssssh. There is no point in screaming. No one hears you. Not anymore…”
“No.” The burst of panic sidelined the pain in his leg. “You didn’t…”
“Yeah you are right.” The man pulls the knife out of Nick’s leg. This time Nick holds his screams back. ”Sam on the other hand was little less patient.”
The man snaps his fingers and the back door open. Nick fears what he now will have to see. The faces, the bodies. They were his friends. The grip on Nick’s hair harden he is forced to look in the door’s direction.
There were no faces. They were all burned away.
“I tried to stop him.” The man wanders across the room. He kicks one of the tiny hands further and it rolls away from the bodies. “But Sam got a little too excited. I guess that’s what happens when you hire murderers.” He sighs again.
Nick scans the bodies. Unrecognizable. Only a ring identifies one of them.
“She is my wife.” Nick’s eyes tear up.
“Was is more correct, I would say.” The man sits down by the chair again. “So please tell me where are the power-stones.”
With the burnt bodies still smoking in front of him, Nick looks at the smiling man. “You will kill everyone. Why would I give them to you.”
“Now you admit that you know where they are.” Another sigh and the man picks up the cloth. “Igor can you please turn on the water. And bring some needles. Order us some pizza too. This night we will get the answer! And music. How about some rock ballads. No, I know what you will love.”
Nick takes a deep breath. He looked up at the ceiling. He tries to not think of his family laying dead on the floor. From the old CD-player a man begins to sing. Nick new the song. It was a classic.
“You better watch out. You better not cry.”

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