500 Words – Entry 26: Peppers and Dragons

So we are finally here! Entry 26. My goal for this whole challenge. Well now I have the Flow going so Lets make this segment on going. Every week I will give you one short story of 500 words or less. Perfekt to read while you drink you coffee or on your commute (that is at least mostly where I write them).

But to what you came for! Entry 26: Peppers and Dragons! This is a wild ride.


Where we are? Who I am? I am George and I got the wildest story for you. Just sit down and listen. Grab a stick. Those bastard bites.

So this hell began with a small pot. I kid you not. Okay, okay it was not any pot, it was a pot shaped like a dragon. Yes, my great great aunts dragon shaped pot. A very weird lady.

Anyway… I dropped it. And like smoke came out. Like alot of smoke. And then peppers began growing. Like every where. They where pink too. It looked like a unicorn had puked all over the place.

You know what? They tasted like horse fart too. Exactly! Weird!

Alright, but after I ate a pepper the really weird happened. Yes I ate one. I like spicy food. But everything turned to ice. Except me, off course. And the pictures of my great great grandma. She began burning though. And talking some elvish shit. Yeah a photo of a burning woman talking jibberish.

Scary shit.

I ran out of there as fast I could. The next thing I knew I was flying with these lethery wings, you know. Then things get a little whozie. But I remember eating someone or alot of someones. I laid some eggs.

Finally I woke up here and everything around me was just ashes and snow. And the eggs. Well now they are tiny lizards, but  before you woke up they were eggs. Ouch what did I say about biting people Harold…

I am sorry for your arm by the way. Harold has issues. Leo got some fire stuff going on too. Well, when I think of it Melanie is bit bitey too.

Who are you by the way? Sam? Nice to meet you. You want a pink pepper? My little hatchlings like you better with some fire in you.

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