500 Words – Entry 27: Inside the well

The wednesday before christmas eve (which is when we swedes celebrate christmas!). As we do every wednesday we are finna treat ourself with a short story. This week we meet a man in a well.


He looks up into the light from above. A tiny circle of fresh air seemingly more distant every day. How deep down am I? he thinks. How much deeper is it possible to go? His suit is heavy in the dark water. He can’t remember last time they were dry. I don’t want to swim anymore, he thinks. I just want to rest. Please let me rest. Just a little bit more, the water whispers back. You will get it all and more back when you are done. Everyone will be so happy you made this sacrifice so they can live happily ever after. Not everyone, he thinks and remembers the little boy now grown up. A little boy who somehow turned into a father. The water pulls at his tie, and his face drops closer to the surface. The light from above fades. Beyond it a keyboard clicks with each pressed key. The fingers hammer frantically Maybe if I hurry, a voice echoes from the fading light. Maybe, if I just put in the extra effort. Then, maybe, I will make it in before his bedtime. Yesssss, the water pulls harder at the tie, maybe you will make it. But I want to see his first bite of cake, the man mumbles and pulls himself up. My grandson wants me there. He does not know what he wants, The whisper grows loud. He does not yet value the safety you give him. When he grows older he will thank you. He won’t know who I am, his voice turns weak as the tie get tighter. It is for the better. Sooner or later you will let him down . It is what you do. Above the well a photo of a happy family is hidden in a drawer. The pull on the tie get heavier. He falls down on his knees. The faintest light fights to remain in the darkened well. Stay here, the water whispers and grabs his neck, stay where you belong. The man cries. I just want to be there on his first birthday, he sobs just as the water swallows his face.

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