500 Words – Entry 28: Christmas special

It is christmas! This is the time for happiness, family and wierd bearded men! Lets celebrate. This little story put a smile on my face. Hopefully it will bring some joy to you too.


There it is, the little elf thinks as he looks up into the sky. The sleigh glides through the air on nothing but magic and joy.

Ho ho ho, The old man laughs from above. Merry christmas!

Thousands of elves celebrate loudly. They clap their hands. They stomp their feet. They dance their bum. The little elf joins them. His sore hands hurt with each clap. His sleepy head hurts with each bouncing stomp. His dance is slow in the cold snow.

Come little one, A caring hand caresses his shoulder. It is time for your reward.

Reward? The little elf mumbles, for a moment he forgot what kept him going all those long days.

Yes, your reward, Mrs. Claus meets his tired gaze. We have a bed just for you.

They walk back to a house so big it hold a whole world behind its Doors and so warm it melted even the coldest of hearts. They enter a hall already crowded with elves finding their place in a bed so comfortable even those widely awake visits their land of dreams.

Hurry, Mrs. Claus says, Santa is at the first house.

The little elf lays himself down on the bed. He pulls the blanket up.

I am ready, whispers just as the first glimpses lit inside his dreams. He sees a tree glimmering with all that is beautiful. He sees a family sitting on a couch. A boy holds a present in his hands. The excitment burns in the boy’s chest as he opens the present.

A teddy bear, he says. It is so cute! He hugs it close to his heart.

The little elf takes in all the joy. He smiles. His heart bursts with all the happiness an elf can feel.

Can you feel it? Mrs. Claus says.

Yes, I do. The little elf sighs in joy. I feel so happy.

You deserve every ray of happiness, Mrs Claus caresses his cheek. Remember that.

Another present is opened. The elf’s heart fills with a new overwhelming burst.

The little elf giggles.

I hope you think this makes it worth all the hard work, Mrs Claus says. She looks out over the eternal hallway. For the first time in a year her smile is one of true happiness. Yes, the little elf whispers, this makes it all worth it.

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