500 Words – Entry 29: Ogres

Six months has soon passed since I starten this challenge. 29 entries and half a year. Lets wish for a other six months and at least another 29 entries during the comming 6 months.

This entry is called Ogres. I hope you enjoyed this serious yale. I did while writing it!



They were adventurers sitting in a circle with stomachs grumbling in a choir. Ogres sang of death from the darkness.
”What are our options?” Lord Sanders whispered. The ogers’ growl thundered from the darkness and he shrunk to the mouse he felt like.
”Either we face the dangers now or hunger makes us an easy prey when they come for us.” The smallest boy said from under his hood. The disgraced sorcerer of West.
Sanders nodded and snagged a crumb from their reserve. ”We lose either way.”
The adventurers looked at eachother in silence.
”There is really only one option… ” Cecilia said, The maiden destined for a safe path, a life she rejected to become a knight of the red blade, just like her father. She put a bottle down between them. No one wanted to look at the scars, yet all did. ”We let fate decide. One of us go. One to return with food or…” Her voice fell silent.
”We do not dwell on such horrors until that future turns into our present.” Steve the honorable knight of gold said with a firm voice. ”Spin the bottle. We are all equal in the face of fate.”
A laughter heavy with evil rose from the darkness.
Cecilia shivered. ”Ogres through and through. I wish you all luck.”
They starred at the spinning bottle with a knot in their stomach. All but one got to feel the knot untangle. A knight of gold froze in his armor.
I will never make it, he thought. Grunts from outside cemented his predictions. A hand grabbed his shoulder. He met Lord Sanders sad eyes.
”Please return to us.” He whispered. They hugged. When talking about the ogres they knew, chances were slim.
”I will brother. ” The knight lied. He grabbed their bowl, looked at his fellowship and swallowed his fear.
The knight snuck through the darkness. The laughter died of as their stench became so thick he could cut through it.
”What do you want?!” The largest ogre growled. Six hours ago, he, the knight and the lord had played outside. They built a snowcastle. They laughed as it crumbled under their feet.
”Could we have more popcorn.” The knight stuttered.
”more?” The ogre scanned him with blurry eyes. ”You are one spoiled brat aren’t you?”
The knight looked down at his bowl afraid of the evil behind the foggy lense. ”Yes, I am a spoiled brat.”
”Are you calling me a bad parent?” The ogre burst out of his chair and grabbed the knight by the neck. ”How dare you insulting me?”
”I am sorry” The knight stuttered. ”I didn’t mean to… ”
”Don’t lie to me!” The ogre screamed as he dragged the knight to the kitchen. ”I will not tolerate such behaviour!”
”Please…” The knight said but his pleads quickly turned to screams.
Behind a door three adventurers listened as their friend screamed for their aid. None of them dared. By the table the remaining ogres continued laughing.

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