500 Words – Entry 31: A cockroach and Kyle

Lets add a splash of horror this time!

A cockroach and Kyle

A cockroach crawls along the wall. Where are you running my friend? The bearded man whispers. There is no where to go, so why don’t you stay here with me. The cockroach halts on its way up. It lifts itself up and stretches for the man multiple times larger. Its thin black legs catch the man’s finger and release the safety of the wall. That’s right little one. The bearded man says. I am Kyle. You are safe with me. The cockroach nods an looks up at Kyle’s large face. I agree, it is lonely nowadays. Friends are rare. That’s why we have to care for one another. That’s how it works right? The cockroach stares up at the grey hollow eyes. The antennas dances up and down, all while Kyle listens eagerly on the story of a survivor. I lost my family too, Kyle sighs. In the first wave. Before the world turned to fire. I was lucky to find this place. I am lucky to find friends like you. Recently I have found so much more than I ever thougt was possible in your kind. Kyle fell silent as he observes the antennas perform another coreographed dance. We have to fight back, yes. Everything in due time. First we have to build an army though. That is why I wanted you. Kyle opens his torn robe and exposes his chest to the unknowing insect. He wears no clothes underneath, yet his skin is invisible under the crawling mass. A spider crawls out from the beard under Kyle’s smile. A centipede moves over Kyle’s arm to the cockroach. They look at eachother. Kyle smiles a toothless grin. A wasp finds its way out. Do you wanna join our army? Do you wanna avenge the monsters hurting our home. The cockroach gives Kyle a long contemplating look. Then he nods. He joins the centipede and walks back to the hive. Great. Kyle closes his robe. He looks up at a roof of dirt and mould. I will find you, he whispers.

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