500 Words: Entry 33 – Bill’s road to riches.

In all the COVID-chaos, one man rose among the others. In all the pain, he built an empire.

This is Bill!

Bill’s road to riches

Bill was a man of singular vision. He was a man of passion. He was what he called the real deal.
Back in the day, they had laughed at his ideas. Even bullied him. They thought they knew more than him. They thought they knew the way to riches. They thought they knew how to get future happiness.
Poor bastards.
Bill looked out over his stock. All neatly packaged boxes addressed to houses all over the globe. He chuckled.
He actually had been close to giving in to all the naysayers. Then it happened. COVID. Lockdown after Lockdown.
Each one made his smile a little wider. They talked about the third wave now. Maybe even a fourth. Maybe the virus could mutate. Maybe it would be seasonal thing.
All was good news in Bill’s business.
He picked up one of the boxes. Anderson.
Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. Bill put the box back.
Who could have known lonely couples could be so horny.
Bill had known.

Bill had always known that his sex toys would save the world!

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