500 Words – Entry 34: Voices

This one turned into more of a monologue than a story. It turned out pretty good anyway, so read and stay safe folks


It all began with a single thought.

Maybe I am not made for this.

Nothing more. Nothing less. It was an echo in the static, a mumble in a crowd. Then silence. For a long time. But never forever. Once it returned the voice brought a friend. And two voices echoed.

This is not worth it.

I pushed them away. They were not me. They were not what I believed. I was happy. Most of the time.

It will be easier without me.

Four voices became eight. Sixteen. Thirty-two. Soon they where more than hundred, and just some friends in my head became too much to ignore. The waves began.

I am meaningless.

I am useless.

I am nothing.

I smiled. I laughed. I kept it all inside. Cause’ what no one knows doesn’t exist. Right? That is how it works. It must be? If I tell it to myself enough times, maybe it becomes real.

No one really cares.

I was drowning. And wherever I looked everyone was to busy with their own life. It is fair. In this world we are all alone against the tides. We are all just surviving. Some better than others.

They are all pretending to care.

Once I wanted to scream, it was to late. The crowd inside was too strong. They were already done. I was alone and lonely, and I wanted to be. I had already decided.

My end has come.

The crowd is silent now. They have been for days. They only nod in approval.

I will free us.

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