500 Words – Entry 35: Nachos and murder

A trip into the monologue of a mad man. And he likes nachos

Nachos and murder

Asphalt bleeds in the summer heat, did you know that? You did? I did not. You know what it doesn’t matter. Not when nachos are this cheap.


This is the best dip. Lets embrace the moment shall we… Yeah Yeah cry… It is not like you make any difference.

I need more nachos. Hey what do I have to do to get some more nachos around here!

Hah I am sorry. I forgot. I can make some myself. How hard can it be really.





Want to have a bite?

Hah two times within a couple of minutes. Silly me. I will mix it for you. Do you want a straw?

There, there, everything will be okay. They screamed of happiness. Does that make it better? No. How bad. Lets try again. I want you to smiiiiiile. You hear me?

That wasn’t so hard was it? We just have to wipe your cheeks a little.

Hmm that made it worse. Maybe if we use some water?

OH sorry! Wrong bucket!

No no stop screaming. JUST STOP SCREAMING!


Well Well.

Heeeey. You look like fun company. Your friend over there was kind of a mood killer. You look like you laugh alot.

You hear that!? Sirens. They will celebrate US. This is the time!

Lets get married! Too fast? It is just something with your eyes and those dimples. Oh I would love those… Shit. The knife slipped.

No don’t cry. Not you too.

No you know what? Papa is tired of your shit. Lets divorce. Colt says he would looove to help.

That was easy wasn’t it?

And now to the men in blue.

Welcome to my party!

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