So it has come to this…

I am changing the name for my 500 Word flash fictions!

It occurred to me that the challenge of a story of 500 words or less every week is finished, and honestly it doesn’t pose the same challenge anymore. So I am changing the name to…



Kinda proud of that honestly.

In the same manner I will structure my blog posts under 4 banners:

Flashes of Sanity: A weekly short story of 500 words or less. These posts will keep the numbering from my previous 500 words banner.

I like shorts: A segment where I put the stories who are not part of Flashes of Sanity.

Thoughts of Insanity: Highly irregular posts where I talk about everything from what I listen to where I forget my socks and updates on my writing

Optional Opinions: I have been thinking about adding a review segment to my blog. Mostly books or comic books. This will just as Thoughts of Insanity be highly irregular.

Hopefully these changes will bring some freshness into the blog and some needed structure!

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