Flashes of Sanity #43: Heir of Garbage

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s entry: Heir of Garbage


Helena rolled her eyes. Again. “No you are daughter to Susanne Queen. Owner to the largest garbage disposal company worldwide.”
“That makes me a princess.” Melany tied her arms around her chest and slammed her ass on the floor.
“The princess to countless garbage trucks in that case, my lady.” Helena told the oversized baby.
“And all those garbage men, accountants and the computer trolls mom always talks about.” Melany locked her eyes on Helena. “And you. Never forget that.”
Like you ever give me the chance, Helena thought.
“I am for always at your service, ma’am. ” Helena bowed in mockery of her employer. Luckily, Melany was too stupid to get it.
Melany lit up. “That’s better.” She was suddenly up on her feet and patted Helena on the head. “You are one great nanny.”
“I am your teacher, ma’am.” Helena said. “You stopped having nannies a long time ago.”
“Same thing.” Melany said while skipping out of her room.
Helena looked at her clock. Two hours. It had taken two hours just to get her out of her damned room. If just the pay wasn’t so good.
“You know what?” Melany turned back. “Today, I want to learn about sex. Could you ask your boyfriend to come over?”
“I don’t have a boyfriend.” It was the thousand time Melany had asked the question. Somehow the answer always cheered her up.
“How sad.“ Melany said. “I have had five boyfriends.“
All whom your mother paid, Helena thought but kept her mouth shut.
Suddenly the room began flashing red. Melany screamed.
“What?” Helena said while shielding her eyes from the light.
“Someone just broke in.” Melany ran towards Helena and threw herself into Helena’s arms. “Save me.”
“Saving you? How?”
“I don’t know how you poor do it.” Melany held her hand against her head like a maiden in distress. “Just get me away from here.”
Loud explosions sounded from the bottom floor. A man entered the room.
“Melany Dust?” He said.
“Please don’t take me.” Melany shouted before two bullets hit her in the head.
“Your mom says hi.” The man said then he threw the gun to Helena. “Either you shoot yourself or I do it for you.”
“What?” Helena said while still processing the blood pouring out of Melany’s forehead.
“To slow.” The man suddenly stood beside Helena and held her hand around the gun and pointed it towards her head. “I am sorry for this.”
She heard the trigger clicking. Then all went away.

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