Flashes of Sanity #44: Asylum of Misfits

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s story: Asylum of Misfits


None of them had been among the cool kids. Not even close actually.
They were the outcasts. The misfits a school cared very little for. Milo, fore-eyes, the geek. Susy, the book hugger. And finally Ron, the silent kid.
”When we return, you better have learned to be normal.” Sharon had said as she closed the storage room door. Then she had laughed.
They had called it an asylum. A place of healing in these distressed times. It never changed the fact that it was a storage room in the cellar. Healing rarely occurs in storage room.
”The Misfits? They went home.” They heard Miranda tell a teacher through a went. ”You know, they never go far from home.”
Susy had cried when they heard the buss drive away. She cried harder once she realized no one would miss them for days.
Nothing seemed to calm her.
Well the pipe did eventually, but that was several hours of panic later. Her brain on the floor tore Milo up though.
”What did we do?” He said over and over again.
Ron on the other hand finally found the time to think. ”You didn’t do a thing. I killed her.”
Ron was logical. He knew what was needed. He always had. So he hung up Susy’s body from one of the shelves and cut her throat open. The blood he collected in a bucket.
For drinking. He knew they needed as much.
Milo crouched in the corner as his classmate cut the thighs from Susy’s legs.
”What are you doing?” Milo said.
Ron looked at him. ”For eating.” He said and held the muscle up towards Fore-eyes. ”We have to survive somehow.”
”I will never eat her.” Milo exclaimed.
A day later he regretted ever saying the words.
But I was so hungry, he thought and looked at the face now hanging on body without flesh. Please forgive me. He hoped she would keep him alive.
Sharon got to know how wrong he was once she opened the door after the six days had passed.
“Good day.” Ron said. He combed Susy’s hair.
Sharon froze as Ron threw the head at her. And when she figured she had to scream, Ron already had her throat between his teeth.

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