Flashes of Sanity #45: Raging Homosexuals

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s story: Raging Homosexuals


This was it! Paul Hunter took a deep breath. This is the time! The energy thundered through his body in exploding pulses. This is me living the dream!
His minds eye pictured all the non-believers. All the nay sayers. And all the nights on the streets. And all the days spent in the land of the outcasts.
He forced it to become the fuel for his eternal furnace.
This is what I am made for, he thought.
He put his lips to the mic. And he let his body explode in one shout.
”I AM”
”RAGE” sounded from thousands of voices in the dark and the stage turned into light and fire.
”I AM” He shouted again.
”RAGE” Bounced back immediately.
He gave of one of signature shrieks. ”I AM”
This time Andrew Gleanmore joined the frantic crowd from his drums. ”RAGE” His guttural growl echoed in the darkness.
In an instant Fred McHalf and Greg Kosniak detonated their guitars in deffening blasts.
”I AAAAAM” Paul shrieked and let his voice wander higher.
The crowd went insane.
”We are the Raging Homosexuals!” Paul screamed. ”and, my dear blokes and blokettes, we are here to be the hemoroids haunting all the corrupted asses!” He inhaled. ”SCREAM WITH MEEEEE!”
On que Fred, Andrew and Greg fired of the hit single that pushed the four friends into stardom.
The crowd shouted along as Paul spat the words. As he threw himself into the crowd they held him up. Someone touched his junk.
That’s what you get for wanting this life, Paul thought and smiled.
He wouldn’t trade it for a thing. At this point he would trade nothing for the life he had lived.

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