Flashes of Sanity #46: Baby boom

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s entry: Baby Boom


It had been 20 hours. 20 sweaty hours of furious arguments. Coffee breaks were taken in heavy discussions. Food breaks also.
The toiletbreaks…
“I am telling you,” Major Dunt shouted as he sipped his pants. The bomb left the room with a slurp. “It is unethical! No one would make that sacrifice.”
“For the safety of our earth?” The president had a deep wrinkle between his eyes. One could only guess why. ”I think many would consider a sacrifice of that magnitude.”
“So what will you do?” Major Dunt slammed his fist into the table. “Walk up to every house and ask, ‘Do you want to make a sacrifice for the safety of our country?’”
“I don’t see how that is any different from how we recruit today.”
“They are toddlers!”
“And when you go to highschools you ask the same question to kids who just grew out of their diapers.”
“At least they don’t need a teddy bear to sleep at night.” Major Dunt looked out across the room. “Come on guys! Someone has to understand what I am talking about.”
Regina Landon head of security looked at him over her coffee mug. “Who said we don’t understand you? We don’t just see any other way.”
“But… Kids…” Dunt’s eyes watered. “Kids. Our future.”
“Yes.” The president said with a heavy voice. “But we tried everything else.”
“We can try everything again! Send more bombs. Send more troops. Just don’t send kids.”
“Our bombs made no impact what so ever.” Friedrich Helm head of the European Union said. “And our troops they took in, mutilated and experimented on until no cell was left.”
“They will torture the kids too!” Dunt said. “We can’t just send kids into such a future!”
The silence fell heavy in the room.
“And they are our best chance of taking these aliens down.” The president stood up and put his hand on Major Dunt’s shoulder.
“And we can’t send any troops?”
“Their immune system is too stabile. We need those who magnify diseases.”
“Troops with a virus bomb?”
“The aliens would recognize it immediately.”
Major Dunt fell down on the table. He scratched the back of his head. Then he looked up at the room. And the twenty faces looking back at him.
“Fuck you.“ He sighed. “My daughter has a heavy cold. She is ready for launch.”
Major Dunt stood up straight. His eyes teared up. “I will tell her myself. If you are serious about this, I recommend you follow my example.”
Major Dunt left the room and slammed the door. His screams tore through the spine of everyone in the room.
“The rocket is ready.” The president said while scanning each and everyone in the room. “Each and everyone consider what Major Dunt just said. We send the rocket in two hours.”
“Will you send your kids? ” Friedrich asked as the president exited of the room.
“My kids are teenagers.” The president said and closed the door.

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