Flashes of Sanity #49: Summer Camp

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s entry: Summer Camp


“And you know what kids?” The overly tanned boy band stand in fire of a smile for winners. He also liked to be called Dale.
Donna actually heard an idiot sigh in arousal behind her.
“What happens at summer camp, stays at summer camp.”
The same girl who sighed now giggled.
She is not just an idiot, Donna thought, she is a complete moron.
Mia pushed an elbow in Donna’s side. “Who do you think will win STD bingo this year?” She whispered.
“Hasn’t Mr. Smiley-face already won that?” Donna whispered back.
Mia chocked on her own laugh, probably just as much as the girl in the back would choke on Mr. Smiley-face later tonight.
“We will have a lot of bingos this year.” Mia forced out between her breaths.
“Probably.” Donna scanned the group of teenagers waiting to enter Camp Cactus. A lot of bored guys. And the girls would have been equally bored if it wasn’t for smiley-face. “So many bingos this year…”
“Let’s go.” The STD riddled overgrown teen shouted and opened the gates. The first ones running in cheered. They were probably hired for that.
“What game will you play this year?” Mia asked as they followed the slower horde.
“I have some ideas.” Donna said. “How about a mystery?”
“I love mysteries!” Mia giggled.
“Great.” Donna said. “I need a group of ten idiots, can you find them for me?”
“Sure, should not be that difficult. Where do you want them?”
“How about by the lake at midnight.”
“Consider it done!” Mia ran off.
Donna walked up to her cabin.
This will be prefect, she thought.
“Hey you!” She screamed at the too aroused girl who wanted Mr. STD a little too much. “I heard Dale wanted to talk to you.”
“He wanted?” The girl blushed.
“Yes, he went to the lake.”
It was all it took to get the girl to ignore all her friends at once. Donna waited for the girl to disappear. Then she caught an over hormonal boy.
“Hey, how about a swim?”
The boys in his group whistled at the boy who began to stutter. “S-swim.”
“Yes, see me by the lake in fifteen?”
Donna never let him answer before she disappeared into her cabin.
She stopped at the window. The view was stunning. As it was every year. The girl was already there. Alone. Soon she would realize Dale wasn’t coming. And just as the girl gave up, the over-hormonal boy appeared. The girl would cry in his arms. The boy would not believe his luck.
Donna picked up her notes. She crossed of the first action item. ‘Create the love birds.‘
She scanned the second item.
‘Gather the murder group.’
She smiled. Soon there would be mayhem.
Poor Mia wouldn’t understand a thing.

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