Flashes of Sanity #50: Connections

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

In this week’s entry we celebrate 50 entries of Flashes of Sanity (previously 500 words). Lets see if you find all the references!


Lysa Gleen was one in the crowd now. One of thousands. Maybe even tens of thousands. How sad her father ended up in the grave before he could witness it. Now all he has is a grave and a flower that flowers even in the harshest cold. He would have loved that too.
”Everyone in place?”
Lysa pushed her finger against the Com-radio in her ear.
”Distraction is in place.”
”Bullet in place.” Kyle said.
”Great.” Simon’s voice once again sounded in Lysa’s ear. ”We are at T minus 60.”
Lysa looked at her arm watch.
”for father.” Kyle said.
”For Mr. Diamond.” Simon said.
Lysa remained silent. She just wanted SurgeRay gone. The rest she cared little for.
She let her fingers wrap around the small device in her pocket.
On the stage, one shadow moved slowly across the stage.
”I AM.” The man screamed into the microphone.
”If you as much as think of it, I will break your legs.”
Lysa glanced at the mysterious man suddenly appearing beside her.
”And trust me Carl Messinger is good at breaking legs.” He continued.
”Try m…” Lysa began but before she knew it Carl had a woman on his throat. The woman pulled his throat out with her bare teeth.
She laughed. ”Do it girl. Witches love explosions.” Then she threw herself at Lysa.
Lysa stumbled and fell with the woman on top of her. In her ear she heard Simon scream.
”Make me Level 10, boy!” Simone’s attacker screamed.
Lysa fought to keep the detonator in her hand.
”SCREAM WITH MEEEEE!” The singer shouted in the far distant just as the witch screamed the same in Lysa’s ear. Then she took Lysa’s ear between her teeth while snarling like a pitbull.
Lysa fumbling hands found the button.
“Die bitch!”
The witch just laughed and spit the ear out into her hand.
Lysa pushed the button. And the explosion tore her chest open.
The last Lysa saw was the witch laughing while stretching her hands up into the air. The singer floated above them and the witch grabbed his crouch.
“One more for me!” She screamed as her body went up in flames.

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