Flashes of Sanity #51: Death BRX-9

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s entry: Death BRX-9


There was a tension in the room hanging like a wet blanket over the attendees. Occasional glances flew out the window where several stories below a red mob screamed their lines with signs that promised revenge from all those who lost it all.
It was always that way. When you, like Mort, worked in automation and AI, you got used to being synonymous with destruction.
The board members weren’t as used to it, though. That was common too.
Mort scanned the room and all the red faces. He spread his wings. He liked how clean they were nowadays. He also liked his now elegant grey hair.
”I know this is a hard time for all of you.” He said. ”But I assure you, you are doing the right thing.”
”With all the budget cuts do we really have a choice?” One of the reds groaned.
”Yes, our lord has demanded an upgraded effectivity. Sooner or later that would have been unavoidable.”
A bottle slammed against the window. The board members flinched. Mort slowly turned his head and saw the brown liquid going down.
Unholy Glenn, he thought, Bilk would have loved that. He shook of the unease.
”You remember the PiFork-7?”
”Yes,” One board member looked out the window. ”It stabbed 20 times better than a manual stabber.”
”For the cost of one tenth. ” Mort continued. ”Death BRX-9 will bring that effectivness to your fires.”
There was a silence in the room. Everyone thought the same thing. More people on the streets.
”How would you like to tell our Lord you are in the black this year?” The red faces glanced at each other. They all liked that.
”The BRX-9 will make it even better!” Mort proclaimed. ”You will have the finances to educate all those on the street! Wouldn’t you like that?”
Some hesitant faces turned curious.
Great, Mort thought, time for step two.
”And if you also buy Limb Twist MGT, I will cut 10% off akk Death BRX-9 you buy.”
Suddenly the boardroom turned interested. They always did.
”Show us the numbers.” One red face said.
Mort showed one of his, nowadays, brilliant smiles and switched slide.

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