Flashes of Sanity #53: A Stunning Blonde

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s entry: A Stunning Blonde


Some punched people. Some took drugs. Some used guns.

The human way of handling danger was as unique as it was harmful.

Bella found her safety in a taser. A taser and spandex. It at least looked better on her than those tights looked on all those geeks. How come none of them was as muscular as the heroes in comic books?

Her gloves with built in tasers slipped over hand. She tested them against the wall.


The hardest part was always to get out unnoticed, but she had learned the climb down the fire ladder and how to avoid the windows. And then land in an alley.

From there on finding the crooks came as easy as making instant noodles.

She tased one. His body went limp, and his mouth went burrrrr. She liked that.

“You just got stunned!” She would have to work on that.

“Thank you Stunning Blonde!” The old almost mug victim said. “How can I ever repay you?”

The stunning Blonde put her hand on the old ladies shoulder. “Just continue with your kindness and all will be okay.” She said.

“I need back-up.” The mugger said.

“Oh my…” The old lady said. “He is coming for me again.”

Stunning Blonde sent another shock on the mugger and the mouth went into an all so heavenly burrrrr again.

“You don’t have to fear him.” The stunning Blonde said but the old lady was already gone.

Such a weird old lady, The Stunning Blonde thought. Then she continued down the streets to find her next mission.

It would be easy. There were sirens everywhere. And so much crime the cops would never be able to catch them all.

Her in-ear radio told her about a cop being killed in duty and decided that would be her next criminal to find. She raised the volume and listened to a costumed villain walking the streets aiding drug gangs in their battle against the law.

A supervillain, she thought and set her taser to max, how intriguing.

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