Flashes of Sanity #55: A Wise man’s diary

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s entry: A Wise Man’s Diary


No one will believe this, he thought. He photographed the finding just in case.

Generations had been searching for it. Legends among archeologists, historians and conspiracy theorists had spent life times looking everywhere for this book, but it was Timothy Galan who finally found it.

Magalago’s diary. A journal of one of the wisest, and equally mysterious, men in the world. The man who described galaxies on the walls of kings while the world had not yet accepted the solar system was said to only have shown a fraction of what he understood. It was enough to make him seem crazy at the time. What he left out was said to be stored in a book hidden from the public.

And here it was, right in front of Timothy. Not in a cave, or in a castle, or in a grave. No it was hidden below a farm. Once it had been a wine yard. Magalago truly loved his wines.

Timothy opened book with gloved hands. He shivered as he saw the scribbles of a genius misunderstood.

‘The laws are written in the sky’ The first line said. Timothy looked up at the stars.

Oh it sure is, he thought.

‘They tell of worlds beyond the unknown. They tell of lives not yet lived. They tell of wars that will paint the world red.’

Timothy photographed the page.

“Oh dear lord,” he mumbled. This was so much better than he ever dared to hope.  Would this finally explain Magalago’s yet unexplained painting, ‘A world shattered’.

Timothy turned the page. Large letters covered the top of the page, ‘Law 1’.

Timothy couldn’t believe his luck. He could already see the headlines, ‘The laws of the world according to Magalagi discovered.’

He continued reading. ‘Universe=[]’ the text continued in long rows of numbers and formulas.

Timothy understood none of it.

He only saw headlines.

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