Flashes of Sanity #56: A Modern Father

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly (during July it is daily!) dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s entry: A Modern Father


They should be grateful, those little pricks. I have done everything for them. I have shown them that they can be whatever or whomever they are. It won’t bother me. No, I just want them to feel free to be who they are that’s all.

Arthur sneezed. He emptied another glas of Bordeaux.


Those bastards choose to be mechanics and carpenters. Or data scientists. Ten sons. And neither of them turned out to be gay.

What a waste…

Who will ever believe me, when I tell them, all I want is my children’s happiness when all they talk about are trucks and boobs.

”Kids,” Arthur shouted. ”Come up here, I got something to show you.”

Arthur picked up the e-cigarette from his desk. He inhaled and let the yellow smoke out. Mango.

Bryan. That guy really got the 21st century jackpot. 3 kids. They might not know it yet but atleast two of them has never scanned the opposite sex from top to toe.

Arthur checked the mascara one more time begore refilling his glass and downing it in one chug. No gag-reflex. Like a pro.

”Yes, dad,” a hesitant voice said from the other side of the door.

”Yes! Come in here all of you!”

Ten faces who somehow all of them looked like Arthur at different ages looked in.

”Look here, you little pricks.” Arthur swung the bottle of Bordeaux. ”This is all you could have been.”

The ten faces scanned Arthur. The high heels. The tights. The skirt ending right below his boxers, if he had had any. The painted nails in twenty different colors, not even their mother had so many. The bra, tiger stripes.

”But dad,” the oldest said. ”We don’t want to.”

”Like I give crap about what you want!” Arthur shouted with the red wine still on his mustache. ”You were free to be whatever you want. And you wanted to be dudes.”

He leaned closer. ”I am so disappointed.”

The ten kids looked at each other. One of them took a photo for reference. Then the others took the wine glass from their father and put him to bed.

”Mom will be pissed,” One of them said. ”Like really pissed.”

”I don’t care, ” Arthur proclaimed. ”I am just so disappointed at you.”

”I found his stache.” The youngest said as he picked two more bottles from the closet.

”Throw them away.” The oldest tucked his father in. ”Dad we are calling your supporter.”

”I am so, so disappointed.” Arthur hugged his pillow. ”Just so disappointed. ”

The kids left him there, for safety they also took his phone. And Arthur slept immediately dreaming of how he proudly told Bryan about his so feminine boys.

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