Flashes of Sanity #57: Freighter of Nothing

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly (during July it is daily!) dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This today’s entry: Freighter of nothing


”I am a captain with many secrets.” Captain Valdok said slyly. His smile lacked the teeth that would have made it pleasant.
”I have understood that much…” The one they called the reviewer said. ”My clients are very interested in them.”
”Well then they will be disappointed.” Valdok spat on the metallic floor. The empty cargo room bounced the sound back and fourth. ”No secrets will leave these lips.”
”I suspected as much.” The reviewer pressed his fingers against the wall and examined the bolts. ”My clients are just curious how you can take an empty freighter across their fairway and afford both fuel and customs.”
The reviewer turned to Valdok. ”Have you ever had a rectal examination? ”
Valdok laughed. ”If you wanna put your dick somewhere dark I know a lad who do anything for the right price.”
”My dick is my business Mr. Valdok.” The reviewer gave the captain s dry glance and returned to examining the room. ”Your secrets are truly well guarded Mr. Valdok, but do not believe for a second that you can keep them from me for long.”
”I look forward to the day your clients deems you a failure,” Captain Valdok said and showed the Reviewer his way out.
”My clients know I always deliver, your secrets won’t change that.”
Captain Valdok looked back at the thousand eyes of emptiness. He tilted his hats for them.
Poor bastards, he thought.
”We will see about that,” he said. ”Your clients might not want to know what my secrets hide.”

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