Flashes of Sanity #60: Biding war

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly (during July it is daily!) dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Bidding war


SurgeRay never stood a chance. Not after the second CEO and owner died. After the suicide bomber… well, there was only a question of time before someone would start digging.
The media had a blast. With all that corruption and abuse of human rights who wouldn’t?
The media also expected the sale of SurgeRay and all its subsidiaries to be the gate to the next big scoop.
Cameras flashed at all the investors lining up in black suits. No one knew their bids except the bidders themselves but the speculators were talking in billions.
”May everyone have their seats.” A judge said, he looked over the crowd towards the guard. ”Please close the door.”
The guard was just about to lock the door when furious knocks abrupted the heavy excitement.
”Wait! You gave to let me in!”
The guard looked across the room. He shrugged.
”Fine let him in,” The judge said. ”But no one else.”
A man in striped gray suit stormed in through the door. He stumbled on a chair and saved himself just to stumble on a 5000$ camera. He saved himself that time too, but the camera was beyond repair.
”Sorry.” The man said then he sat himself next to the long line of investors. They all gave him sour looks.
”Oh… Don’t be jealous,” the man said and pointed at his suit. ”It is fifty shades, just like me.”
”We are here to declare the most favorable bid for SurgeRay Inc. and all its subsidiaries.” The judge raised his voice and all of the room went silent. ”We have had multiple bids of interest and some shameful offers.”
The whole room turned to the man in a suit in fifty shades of grey. He noticed none of them. He was busy correcting his suit and fixing his hair.
”Among these all negotiated with means that would prove unfavorably or down right predatory for qurrent stock holders.”
The blackest and most expensive suits suddenly flinched in their seats.
”The most favorable bid for all current owners of SurgeRay will buy all shares from current shareholders for 1.5 of the current value and a warrant for a new share in the new company. The new owner of SurgeRay Inc. will own shares for 50.1% of the new company just as previous CEOs.”
The media experts began calculating.
”Sh*t,” a dark suit with a golden tie said. Then he laughed. ”Idiot.”
The judge read the name of the highest bidder and the whole room went silent. No one knew the man behind the name.
All except one man in a grey suit. ”YEEEESSSS” he shouted. ”Do you know how many Lego sets I had to sell for this bad boy!”
A bottle of champagne popped. ”Let me come over and kiss you.”
The headlines the next day were all question marks and a photograph of kiss only a man in a grey suit found appropriate.

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