Flashes of Sanity #61: Crawling through Cotton

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly (during July it is daily!) dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Crawling through Cotton


When every thing is cushion nothing is, Bryan Brihill had tried to tell the guards, but they just laughed. Over and over again.

”Shut you mouth,” one of them said.

”But it hurts,” Bryan said. He touched the wall and immideately flinched from the pain. ”Can’t you get me a better cell?”

”Oh.” the guard two guards exchanged amused looks. ”Little cautious Bryan wants to have a cell with cement and bars. Just so he can stab his guards once again.”

”He called me a monster!” Bryan shouted. He chewed on his sweater and tried to pull his arms loose. “I am not a monster.”

“Please calm down Bryan,” a soothing voice said from the other side of the door.

Bryan screamed.

“I said calm down.” A man in a white lab coat and large glasses walked in through the door. “We know you are not a monster. You are…” the man pulled up a binder. “Bryan Brihill. Abducted when you were three. Found when you were 18. You had high dozes of psychopharmaca in your body and screamed something about teddy bears coming to get you. You have also killed 15 innocent. Apparently you called them teddy bear’s too.” The man crouched in front of Bryan. “Doctor Hiedel is here, you can be calm now. I just want to understand what happened to you and all others who call themselves hunters or witches. How did they create your kind?”

“You just want to hurt me!”

Doctor Hiedel sighed. He looked around on the walls and the tears their prisoner had caused in the fabric.

“I see you have made yourself at home.”

“No, I want real walls. Walls that are hard!”

“And one day you will get it. Once we figured out how to fix you. Do you mind if I draw some blood from you?”

“You don’t touch me!” Bryan threw himself at the doctor who slid to the side and let his patient fall to the cushioned floor. Bryan screamed in agony.

“If you don’t want me to draw you blood, maybe you can let little doctor Olaf do it for you.” A white teddy bear appeared next to Bryan. “Let me take your blooood! Please.”

Bryan screamed. Doctor Hiedel giggled.

“Really mature boss.” One of the guards said. Then he laughed.

“Well, we are not coming anywhere with this specimen so why not test something new.”

Bryan curled into a ball scratching the back of his head. “Please don’t let them come near me. Please.”

“Maybe one day Bryan. But so far we need to break through to you.” Doctor Hiedel leaned over Brian and pushed a syringe in his arm and filled the plastic container with the red liquid. “Let’s see how your meds are doing.”

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