Flashes of Sanity #64: Shifting Gears

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly (during July it is daily!) dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Shifting Gears


The engine roared loudly under the hood just to go silent when Miko released the gas pedal to slow down and took the sharp turn.

”Come on little Darling.” Miko whispered as he checked the rear view mirror.

Shit, he thought. Those bastards are fast. He pressed the gas pedal to the floor just to release it again, press down the clutch, change gears and press the gas pedal as far as he could again. You will not catch me.

The green mass crashed against the building, then followed him through the turn. Miko corrected his facial mask. He changed gears again.

One more turn, then the freeway and all the freedom he could wish for. He passed a family getting ready to leave their home. They were already doomed. Just as the rest of the city according to all experts.

It all just went so fast. First a house overgrown, then BAM. The whole city got infested over night. Everyone with something vegetable like at home was killed. Miko never liked the green. He liked the grey; cogs, bolts, and the like. He lived in a garage in the industrial parts. Those were overgrown too, just slow enough so Miko could get away.

”Last turn now, darling.” He pulled the hand brake and let the Ford Focus slide through the curve. He got to see the green from his front view mirror. All the bodies within the mass, the teeth formed by thorns. One wine dug into a screaming body. It was the mother he passed just moments ago with her child still in her arms.

Miko released the handbrake. Now charge forward. The engine complained as he pushed the car a little to long without changing gears. He skipped a couple of gears and let the car fly on the freeway.

Soon he could rest. He just wanted to put some more distance between himself and the inferno. Just a little more. Maybe to the next city, maybe they had made it. Then he saw it rising above the clouds, above the skyscrapers towering above a siluette of promise. The starship opened a gate. The whole sky went white and the city was no more.

Shit, Miko looked in the rear view mirror. The green still on his tail. The road ahead was not an option. He turned and followed the small roads around the mayhem.

Maybe that would save him. At least, he hoped so.

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