Flashes of Sanity #65: Circus horrors

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly (during July it is daily!) dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Circus horrors


Kara’s hand turned white as her grip around her gun hardened. A laughter filled the room.
”Do you think you can find the way out?” The screeching voice said.
”You bet your f*CKING ass I do,” Kara mumbled. ”And I am taking you down with me.”
The stale apartment complex showed no sign of the dullness on the inside. All the clouds and clowns contrasted sharply against walls in so many colors it made Kara nauseous just looking at them.
Who could even live in a place like this? She thought and opened a door just to be welcomed by another wave of screeching laughter, and a train. A train rushing against her puffing pink clouds in the air.
Kara jumped to the side just in time and watched the happy train CHO-CHO into a blue, green and yellow wall. It exploded with confetti flying everywhere. Popcorn popped from the burning engine. They were purple.
”What the…” Kara panted and glanced into the room the train was so eager to leave. It was pitch dark, and smelled like sugar canes. She picked up her flashlight. The little ball wandered across the room. It was empty except for a hanger with costumes.
She sneaked.
”Where are you hiding?”
She walked up to the hanger and touched the weird costumes. The faces smiled weirdly at her. She halted.
They felt to natural. She squeezed one between her fingers, then she released it with a scream. She stumbled backwards. All the faces… All the hands… The skin…
”I am not hiding…” Kara suddenly hade a wet cloth on her lips. ”I was just waiting.”
The man leaned closer.
”Do you want to know something funny,” he said and breathed her in. ”I have never worn a woman before.”
Kara tried to scream but her mouth was already numb. He laughed in her ear. And dragged her away.
”Let me show you where the fun begins,” he said.

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