Flashes of Sanity #67: Garbage Castle

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly (during July it is daily!) dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Garbage Castle


Pride over failure.
Call it whatever you want but Susanne Queen knew that in the end of the day those words where the truth.
You might be the CEO of a garbage disposal company, that does not mean you should dress as trash. You should not act as it either.
She sipped her green tea and scanned the headlines. At least the media did one thing right.
’Daughter of respected business woman murdered in her home.’
The poor teacher got all the blame. Murder and suicide. So convenient. She was unlucky. Melany couldn’t remain, she was after all a failure.
”Mrs King?” A man asked.
Susanne reacted to the name as rehearsed. ”Yes.”
”We are ready for you now.”
”May I ask how you found our service?” He continued as she walked through the door.
”A friend referred me.” Susanne said. ”Their Donna is quite the specimen.”
”It pleases us that they are happy with their order.”
”They sure are. Now, take me to your products.”
The well-dressed man showed her into a room three doors down the corridor.
”These are our princes and princesses, we find them best taylored for your need.”
Susanne studied the tubes lining up to her right. Girls and boys sleeping calmly in pools of water. ”I am only interested in your princesses, thank you.”
”As you wish.” The man snapped his fingers and the light went out in all tubes with boys. ”Our princesses are of the highest grade. Their chemical balance has been restabilized for calm and politeness. Their metabolism are in top shape through specially grown gut microbiota.”
”What does that mean?”
”They will never get fat ma’am.”
”How wonderful,” Susanne looked at one girl. The jaded skin. Her tiny lips. ”Please continue.”
”Every princess will come with approved adoption documents. There will be no trace to us or any of our subsidiaries.”
”So no SurgeRay fiasco,” Susanne glanced at the man, but he showed no reaction.
”We have taken precautions since that mishap.”
”I think we will get along,” Susanne smiled. ”I am ready for the contract.”
”How wonderful,” The man left the room.
”And you my little darling.” Susanne touched the glaswall. ”Is perfect. ”

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