Flashes of Sanity #74: Shades Part 4: Invasion

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly (during July it is daily!) dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

As a part of my one year with Flashes of Sanity celebration I will launch an event that will be the culmination of some threads in previous entries.
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Welcome to Flashes of Sanity’s first event: Shade

Today’s entry: Shade Part 4: Invasion


Gary ’Gray’ collapsed on the floor. The launch had been late.

How lucky.

He picked up a note from his back pocket and crossed off ’hijack ship’. The next item was ’save the world’.

Sounded difficult on paper. Was even worse in real life.

”Okay Gray,” he mumbled. ”What is the plan?”

”Quite simple,” he continued. ”Give them the full package, they will never expect that.”

He opened his backpack and lined up bottles with a fine white powder. He took two bottles of water and filled a rubber suit with water. Just incase. The rubber suit was just as he wanted it to be. Grey.

”Let’s hope I am right,” he said and rolled in the white powder. Then he smeared it on the walls and the floor.

The rocket rumbled as Gray began prepping the room for assault. An alarm went off as the monsters pulled it in. Gray stepped into the middle of the platform. He inhaled.

These aliens had successfully bested scientists and armies. But they were not ready for Gray.

The door complained as it wrenched open from the outside. The shadows on the other side screeched. Their eyes glowed. Their tentacles flew against him. They touched his suit.

”Yes,” Gray said between his teeth. ”It is in fifty shades.”

”Just like me.”

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