Flashes of Sanity #75: Shades Part 5: War

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly (during July it is daily!) dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

As a part of my one year with Flashes of Sanity celebration I will launch an event that will be the culmination of some threads in previous entries.
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Welcome to Flashes of Sanity’s first event: Shade

Today’s entry: Shade Part 5: War


Aaron stood among thousands, no hundreds of thousands, of mankind’s last line of defense. All of them hoped the brave fifty would succeed, all of them were ready if they failed, all of them were ashamed of the pain these children would endure.

In the horizon the green monsters grew every second over one of the fallen cities. Aaron corrected his face mask as he glanced at the ship hovering above the mayhem. Tentacles rose from the green mass up to the ship and small glowing pulses left the ship for the monstrosity.

Dear lord, Aaron thought. We don’t talk a lot. But this time I beg for you to spare our world. I will forever be at your service if you do.

The space ship flashed. Two jet planes went down in an instant. A face arose from the green mass. The mass smiled at them and laughed. A wheezing, evil laughter.

“Ready!” The sergeant shouted. “It has spotted us. ”

The space ship flashed again. Aaron prepared for his skin to melt of his bones.

“Dear lord,” he whispered again. “Just this once.”

The space ship became one massive sun in front of them. The green mass shrieked. Aaron looked at his friends expecting one of them to throw himself on the ground screaming that they are inside his suit. The mass shrieked again under the sun.

The sun fell.

Under a shriek that tore through Aaron’s spine, the light swallowed the green city. Aaron held his hands up over his helmet in an unsuccessful attempt to cover his ears. All his brothers and sisters did the same.

Then the world went quiet. In a moment of confusion, the troops looked at eachother before the shock wave threw them all to the ground.

Aaron supported himself on his arms and looked up. No spaceship. No green mass. It was just the sun on a clear blue sky.

“They made it!” Someone suddenly shouted. “Guys, they made it!”

Aaron took of his helmet. We did? He exchanged confused looks with those closest. Then he broke into a smile.

“They made it,” he said.

“They made it,” his friends echoed back. “The brave fifty made it.”

Aaron pushed his fingers to his mouth, then he raised them to the air. His friends did the same. Hundreds of thousands of hands arose to the sky.

“Praise to the Brave Fifty!” They all said.

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