Flashes of Sanity #76: Shades Part 6: Normality

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly (during July it is daily!) dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

As a part of my one year with Flashes of Sanity celebration I will launch an event that will be the culmination of some threads in previous entries.
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Welcome to Flashes of Sanity’s first event: Shade

Today’s entry: Shade Part 6: Normality


”We are now at 48 hours since the last ship crashed.” The news reporter starred straight at the viewer. His expression told nothing of his inner emotions. ””We can now confirm that the man seen on surveillance videos preliminary to the launch was Gary Oliviallo, owner of SurgeRay since two months ago.”

The officers watched the news report with an undivided attention.

”And who is that?” Sandell muttered.

”I guess you will find out in less than an hour.” Kim said and smiles spread across the group.

“Okay guys,” Commander Crisis said with her abnormally strong voice. “I know we are all glad to be alive, but the best way to thank Gary Oliviallo for his sacrifice is to actually make this earth a better place. Get back to work, we have a serial killer to catch.”

In an instant people started tapping on their keyboards.

“Kara?” Crisis continued. “Can you get me an updated map with all the murders?”

Kara looked up from her computer screen. “Yes, sir,” she said.

“Great! Do we have any connections between the victims?”

“Only that they are successful in their careers,” Sandell said. “But I got a lead on the tazer killer.”

“Follow that lead, but if it gives any signal of being like the other leads let it go and go back to our serial killer.”

“It is quite fascinating,” a researcher said on the TV-screen. “One man took down an entire fleet. We are only beginning to unravel how he did it. Hopefully his notes are not as sparse on the details as the remaining traces from the explosion are.”

“I got a map ready,” Kara said. She pressed two keys and her map became visible on their big screen.

“Thank you.” Commander Crisis investigated the seven red dots. “Do we have any connection between the places.”

“Except for dumpsters.” Kim smiled. “No, sir. Nothing, yet.”

The victim’s faces became visible over the dots. “Thanks, Kara.”

“Two of them seem to have been sorority queens sir,” Officer Brynk said. “I continue looking in to the others.”

“That’s a great lead,” Crisis sat down on her chair. “Popular girls who succeeded. Brynk bring up a list of sorority queens the last 40 years. I got a feeling we might have use for it later.”

Brynk leaned over his keyboard.

Commander Crisis took a deep breath. She loved the feeling of progress.

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